How to Make Your Loved One Comfortable While Supporting Their Short-Term Rehabilitation Stay

  How to Make Your Loved One Comfortable While Supporting Their Short-Term Rehabilitation Stay

Today, short-term rehabilitation services are helping an increasing number of older Americans get back to health and back home safely and securely after an illness, accident or injury.

Many people are now discharged from the hospital before they are completely ready and able to return home, and short-term rehabilitation is playing a vital role in bridging that gap and enabling them to recuperate fully and safely in a caring environment staffed by licensed specialists. 

Support and Comfort Can Contribute to Your Loved One’s Short-Term Rehab Success 

Says Susan Irrgang, RN, LNHA, Executive Director and Administrator of Bryn Mawr Terrace in Bryn Mawr, PA, “The benefits of short-term rehabilitation are many and long-lasting in terms of revitalizing people’s lives and restoring their lifestyles. The time spent in rehab can sometimes be challenging, however – especially for seniors. Understandably, being in an unfamiliar environment for a period of time – however short – can be emotionally difficult for any of us.

“At our RenewAll Short-Term & Medically Complex Care, we have found that loved ones who have the love and support of family members and friends typically have the best overall experience. Therefore, we always encourage families to be as supportive as possible during their loved one’s short-term rehabilitation and to make their stay comfortable in as many ways as they can. The value of ongoing support and encouragement during short-term rehabilitation cannot be underestimated.”

Helpful Ways to Show Your Support and Make Your Loved One Comfortable

There are a variety of meaningful ways that family and friends can support loved ones in short-term rehabilitation and make their stay more comfortable. And the good news is that it doesn’t take much time or effort to support them during their course of rehabilitation. 

Even very simple things can be uplifting and comforting to those who are rehabilitating after an illness or injury. And experts say that the positive feelings that result from regular support and encouragement can actually help to speed the recovery process.

Some helpful ideas for supporting your loved one and adding to their comfort can be found in the article,3 Ways to Support Seniors During Short Term Nursing Home Stays.” Examples include:

  • Make frequent visits and do things together – Spending time with your loved one can do wonders for their mental outlook and how they view their rehabilitation journey, short as it might be. 

    As the article states, “It’s important to visit when you can. Familiar faces and trusted people they can talk to if they’re having any problems will be a great comfort. If other family and friends are available, work out a schedule to share the visit.”

    They also share some useful activities that can be enjoyed during visits such as:
    • Listening to favorite music.
    • Reading aloud from books or the newspaper.
    • Working on a puzzle or crossword.
    • Telling them about what you, close family and friends have been doing lately so they won’t feel left out.
  • Make their room more like home – “There’s no place like home,” so do all you can to make your loved one’s room more like the home they’re looking forward to returning to. Leading short-term rehabilitation centers such as Bryn Mawr Terrace encourage this and will even give you ideas and guidelines for ways you can make your loved one’s space more comfortable and more like home.

    Family photos, a favorite blanket and other simple touches from home can create a more comfortable and comforting ambiance that provides an emotional anchor for the time spent recovering and rehabilitating.

  • Actively support their therapy activities – Take an active role in supporting your loved one’s short-term rehabilitation by attending their therapy sessions and providing encouragement when possible. You can also observe what the therapist asks them to work on and ask the therapist if you can help your loved one practice those exercises between the scheduled sessions. 

    In addition, the article, “How to Support Your Loved One's Physical Therapy,”  provides some useful advice on supporting your loved one’s emotional needs and elevating their spirits during the short-term rehabilitation experience.

    As the author, Kara Mayer Robinson, states “Reassure your loved one that recovery takes time and remind him how far he's come. When he says, ‘I wish I didn't need help just to walk to the end of the driveway,’ tell him, "But a week ago, you couldn't even walk out your front door." 

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