Eating Safely As You Age

As seniors age, they might not be able to do everything they used to do when they were younger. Even tasks that were once simple can become difficult. For example, seniors can struggle with eating safely. Whether it’s maintaining an appetite, eating the right foods or making sure the foods they’re eating are safe, meals can be an issue with seniors as they get older.

The two concerns when it comes to seniors and eating are nutrition and safety. They need to have a healthy diet full of nutrients and vitamins and foods that are easy to handle and eat.

How to Make Long-Term Care Feel like Home

Moving into long-term care at a senior living community is a major step in a person’s life. During the adjustment period, as residents settle in to their new home, they might miss their old house and feel isolated or unsure of their decision. Caregivers may also feel guilt that their loved one had to leave their home to go into long-term care. While time and keeping an open mind are going to help seniors adjust, there are ways to help them make their new living area feel like home.