Overcoming Downsizing Dilemmas: Moving Your Aging Parent into Senior Living

Moving boxes in a home

Moving out of a home of many years and leaving cherished memories behind can be a challenge for any of us. But for aging parents, downsizing and moving from the comfort and familiarity of a long-time home to senior living can be especially difficult.

Older adults often view moving to senior living as a sign that they are losing their independence. And having to organize, downsize and pack a house full of belongings can seem like an overwhelming task.

Practical New Year’s Resolutions for Caregivers of Older Adults

Being the caregiver for an older adult might be one of the most challenging jobs you’ve ever had.

Today, many harried caregivers are attempting to balance the demands of family, home and career, in addition to caring for their older loved ones.

7 Ways You Can Help Your Aging Loved One Overcome the Winter Blues

The dark and dreary days of winter can take an emotional toll on any of us, sapping our energy, enthusiasm and zest for life. However, the winter blues can be especially difficult for aging loved ones who are already considered to be at greater risk of becoming depressed.

Once the holidays have passed, we enter a seemingly interminable stretch when winter’s colder and shorter days seem like they will never end. During this period, older adults will sometimes dwell on the people and abilities they’ve lost over the years and become listless and forlorn. 

What to Do When Your Aging Parent Refuses Short-Term Rehabilitation

Mother and daughter reviewing paperwork

“With today’s model of health care, many adult children find that their aging parents are discharged from the hospital after an illness, injury or surgery well before they’re ready and able to return home successfully,” says Colleen Dwyer, RN, NHA, Executive Director and Administrator of Bryn Mawr Terrace.