Seniors, Summer and Hydration: Preventing Dehydration in Aging Adults

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Drinking water is not something we think much about, yet it’s an essential ingredient for our good health. 

As they say, “Water is Life.” And for the lives of older Americans, hydration is especially important. Why? Because dehydration, i.e., a lack of sufficient water in the body, can be extremely dangerous for them.

The Fountain of Health: The Importance of Hydration Safety for Senior Adults

Water is life. Water is a vital ingredient of our bodies and is essential to our health. This is especially true among older adults.

Older persons have a higher risk of dehydration because they have less water in their bodies to begin with and might also be taking medications that can cause them to lose additional water. Medical experts tell us that younger people have 60-70% water content in their bodies, while seniors have only 50-60% or less.

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