Overcoming Downsizing Dilemmas: Moving Your Aging Parent into Senior Living

Moving boxes in a home

Moving out of a home of many years and leaving cherished memories behind can be a challenge for any of us. But for aging parents, downsizing and moving from the comfort and familiarity of a long-time home to senior living can be especially difficult.

Older adults often view moving to senior living as a sign that they are losing their independence. And having to organize, downsize and pack a house full of belongings can seem like an overwhelming task.

Expert Tips to Help Your Senior Loved One Downsize

Helping Your Loved One Downsize to Senior Living

Today, many senior adults are leaving their homes of many years to move to personal care or assisted living communities. In fact, this type of senior living is now the most popular and fastest growing housing option among seniors in the US according to the article, Safety and Quality Contribute to Popularity of Assisted Living.”

How to Make Long-Term Care Feel like Home

Moving into long-term care at a senior living community is a major step in a person’s life. During the adjustment period, as residents settle in to their new home, they might miss their old house and feel isolated or unsure of their decision. Caregivers may also feel guilt that their loved one had to leave their home to go into long-term care. While time and keeping an open mind are going to help seniors adjust, there are ways to help them make their new living area feel like home.  

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