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Senior Health Tips on the Value of Time Outdoors

Senior Health Today: 7 Tips on The Value of Time Outdoors

“There may be more to ‘walking on the sunny side of the street’ than we once thought,”says Collin Tierney at Bryn Mawr Terrace in Bryn Mawr, PA. “Spending time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine may offer significant health benefits.

Tips For Senior Health During The Holidays

Senior Health During The Holidays

While the holidays are packed with delicious food and desserts, seniors and their caregivers should do all they can to stay as healthy as possible. This includes physical, mental and overall well-being. Knowing how to approach the upcoming holiday season when it comes to health, will make the holidays less stressful and will allow your loved one to truly enjoy spending this time of the year together.

The Fountain of Health: The Importance of Hydration Safety for Senior Adults

Water is life. Water is a vital ingredient of our bodies and is essential to our health. This is especially true among older adults.

Older persons have a higher risk of dehydration because they have less water in their bodies to begin with and might also be taking medications that can cause them to lose additional water. Medical experts tell us that younger people have 60-70% water content in their bodies, while seniors have only 50-60% or less.

Getting the Most out of Your Short-Term Rehabilitation Stay

Elizabeth (Betsy) Cupitt, RN, Director of Nursing at Bryn Mawr Terrace in Bryn Mawr, Pa., says, “Today’s model of health care is such that many people are discharged from the hospital before they’re ready to successfully return home. Frequently, additional time, support and care are needed for them to recuperate fully from an illness, surgery or accident. 

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