5 Tips for Preventing Senior Loneliness During the Holidays

Senior couple sitting by Christmas tree

As the National Council on Aging (NCOA) article, “4 Steps to Combat Loneliness in Seniors,” states,“It’s December, and the holiday season is in full swing. It’s the time of year for good food and good friends and family—at least for most of us.” 

What Every Senior Should Know About Cold and Flu Prevention

The cold and flu season can bring discomfort and short-term misery for any of us. Fortunately, most of us get over the unpleasant symptoms in a few days or at most a couple of weeks.

For senior adults, however, the flu season brings along much greater concerns. The risks can be much higher and the consequences can be much more severe for seniors.

5 Essential Injury Prevention Tips for Seniors

Tips on Touring a Long-Term Care Community to Make the Right Decision for Your Loved One

Making the Right Decision: How to Tour a Long-Term Care Community for Your Loved One

Today, long-term care communities provide the ideal living arrangement for aging parents, spouses or other loved ones who are no longer able to take care of themselves and who require round-the-clock assistance to remain safe, comfortable and well. For example, they might require daily help with bathing, toileting, managing their daily medications, preparing meals and supervision to maintain their overall safety, health and sense of well-being.

Tips on Easing the Transition to Long-Term Care for Your Loved One

Easing the Transition to Long-Term Care for Your Loved One

Change can be uncomfortable for any of us – regardless of age. However, as we get older change can become even more difficult.

Over the course of our lives, we can become a bit less flexible and more attached to familiar people, places and routines in our environment. In a fast changing world, the “sameness” of a consistent, daily routine and familiar surroundings is often a source of comfort, calm and confidence.   

Tips for Living Well with Cardiopulmonary Disease

Living Well with Cardiopulmonary Disease

The National Institute of Health’s Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, defines cardiac rehabilitation as a medically supervised program that helps improve the health and well-being of people who have heart problems. These rehab programs include exercise training, education on heart healthy living and counseling to reduce stress and help individuals with cardiopulmonary problems return to an active life.

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